A Soul To Squeeze

Genera: Horror/Thriller

The "Raven Witches" used sorcery to protect themselves, their crops, and their community. The most powerful witch and her unborn child are burned at the stake. A raven's blood brings the witch back, seeking vengeance.


The Private Eye

Genera: Mystery

Log Line: The life of private eye, Mort Madison, is spiraling downward, when a beguiling, slightly familiar woman hires him for his most unusual case.

The Elevator

Genera: Family/Drama

Log Line: N/A

From Dark Eyes to Winter's Eternity

Genera: Drama

The Perfectionist Hairstylist

Genera: Horror/Thriller

Log Line: A hairstylist becomes a serial killer and blames his abusive upbringing for his murderous tendencies. 


A Pocket Full of Bullets

Genera: Thriller

Log Line: A man discovers he has a terminal illness on the same day his fiance takes her own life. Before he kicks the bucket he's got some rather questionable errands to take care of to seek revenge on all and anyone that has caused him pain.


Vices (Shootouts)

Genera: Comedy/Crime/Drama

Log Line: How hip hop affects the youth of today, through the eye's of four friends.


TORC, Cross Roads

Genera: ActionLog Line: Follow a couple on an adventure to the "Cross Roads", where the couple will race to the finish line - Only then they will know who is the King or Queen of the road - Feel your adrenaline rise as you watch this this action pact TORC Helmets Video.




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